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The effects of alignment of the Sun, Moon and other Planets.

The effects of the Eclipses are well documented.  The lowest and highest oceananic and atmospheric tides occur during these bi-annual events. Oceans cover about 67% of our planet and it's estimated with the fresh water and aquifers there is approximately 85% of our planet is made-up of water.  The human body is amazingly similar in moisture makeup to the planet. So it's only logical that these lunar and other alignments will also effect humans in a measurable way.

When the moon is overhead the pressure of force on our body is like climbing a 33 foot high hill. When Jupiter is aligned it has 1/100th the affect of that of the moon, but an affect none the same.  "Mentally affected or deranged by the supposed influence of the moon; lunatic. [1913 Webster]" As all the planet rotate, there are times when a few or ALL the planets align, causing maximum gravitational force. Many solar flares, earthquakes and volcanic disturbances can be amplified during these times.

I'm not a believer in Astrology but understand the gist of breaking down 360^ sphere into 12 houses or points of reference to show when planets are in geometric zones or should I say cones. The more planets in a house the more gravitational force, push or pull.